kitkat/mei 😻

-ENTP 7w6
-INTP by letters
-True Neutral

my so awesomely amazing interests!

-food <3

specific stuffs

-genshin impact
-call of duty
-miraculos ladybug
-the office
-im hungry

about yours truly!! :D

hello hello! kitkat or mei here! im just your one of a kind weirdo tryna find as much food as possible because im hungry.
i really enjoy talking to people although i am afraid to do so. i also get burnt out quickly so its hard for me, but im trying my best! also yes i AM an introverted ENTP yes we exist >:)
i like to joke around and am not too serious about specific topics, if this bothers you dont be afraid to lmk, i wont bite! (or will i?? ;) /j)


i use all pronouns but i am most comfy with they/she/vae, so please use those more ty!!!

comfort characters/ships!

-aoi akane
-mei shijima
-osamu dazai
-mina ashido
-hu tao
-nick wilde